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Let's talk in layers.

Layers of a fine trip to Italy. layers of pure bliss from the first bite. layers of smiles and pleasure. layers of rigor and precision and infinite respect for the raw material and quality.

A crisp fine tartlet filled with rich Mascarpone cream, hand made delicate cookie dipped in intoxicating espresso syrup, a delicate coffee cloud over, a thin layer of dark chocolate and a generous layer of dark cocoa.

Layers of flavors, layers of tradition and innovation, layers of Mascarpone.

Lots of work. Eat slowly.


Our boxes:

Special Creamins:


9 special Tiramisu coffee Creamins, lay softly on a crispy tartlet, filled with rich Mascarpone cream, covered with dark chocolate and dark cocoa.



White sugar, eggs, coffee powder, white flour, butter, baking powder, salt, mascarpone cheese, heavy cream, sugar powder, vanilla bean, dark chocolate, and cocoa powder.


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