Queen P
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Our queen doesn't like to wait. so let's make it quick:

Say hello to the most majestic cloud in the whole world!

Queen P.

She is delicate and airy layers of strawberry that have just been harvested, red raspberries like dreamy lips and blackberry like its soul. it seats on a crisp biscuit wrapped in fine white chocolate and a pink hurt (don't let the color confuse you...).

Our boxes:

Mini Creamins:

25 mini Queen P Creamins, lay softly on a crispy cookie and covered with white chocolate and pink hurt shape candy.

Classy Creamins:

9 classy Queen P Creamins, lay softly on a crispy cookie and covered with white chocolate and pink hurt shape candy.



White sugar, eggs, fruit puree, white flour, butter, baking powder, salt, white chocolate, and sprinkles.



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