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When we get in the kitchen early in the morning and decide that today we will make Rasperry Creamin, everyone starts to smile and work vigorously because it really is a party reason!

It's hard for us to explain the wonderful smell that fills our little kitchen (hey, you're welcome to come visit!) as we prepare this wonderful cloud of raspberry. it's addictive and mesmerizing and intoxicating and brings pink happy shy smiles on everyone's faces.

As we piping this wonderful cream on our crispy bisuits our shy smiles became less hesitant.

As white chocolate arrives and softly covers this sweet red cloud the looks are already focused and when raspberry chips are scattered, hands begin to send.

Harry up! it won't last forever!

Our boxes:

Mini Creamins:

25 mini Raspberry Creamins, lay softly on a crispy cookie and covered with white chocolate and crispy raspberries.

Classy Creamins:

9 classy Raspberry Creamins, lay softly on a crispy cookie and covered with white chocolate and crispy raspberries.



White sugar, eggs, fruit puree, white flour, butter, baking powder, salt, white chocolate, and sprinkles.


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