The Ultimate CreaMix
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Like eating a cloud right out of the mixer.
The perfect combination of softness, crispiness and .... hot chocolate, we promise - there is no good enough way to describe this box!
We carefully chose three flavors from our specials collection, the ones that remind us every morning how much we love our work!
Each box comes with high-quality Belgian chocolate, just like the one we use in our small kitchen, to ensure you'll get the real experience all the way.
Just melt the chocolate (microwave is the most convenient way to do that!), Pour over each of the Creamins in your box and expect an experience you will remember for a long time!
Oh, don't forget to turn on the camera, it's going to be insanely photogenic!

Our Boxes

Special Creamins
3 special Rocher-Caramel Creamins, with roasted hazelnut on top.
special Chelsea-Cheese Creamins, with hand-made crumbles on top.
3 special Choco-Banana Creamins, with caramelized pecans on top.
1 box of high-quality milk chocolate for melting and cover your Creamins.


White sugar, eggs, vanilla, white flour, butter, baking powder, salt, chocolate, caramel paste, fruit puree, hazelnuts, pecans, canola oil.

All orders received by 12 noon will be delivered on the next business day. Please note we do not deliver on Saturdays.