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Let's talk about coffee for a moment.
We loooove it. We drink it hot and we drink it cold. We talk about it, write about it and sing about it and dream about it and look for it everywhere. In short, we're addicted. And as you already know we are never satisfied.

So get this: Three layers of pure addiction 
The first floor of bitter espresso, second floor of sweet caramel and third floor of delicate coffee.

Are you with us? All this lies gently on a crispy biscuit and coated in fine dark chocolate.

Are you still here? Shredded cocoa beans over. That's how coffee is made for addicts.


Our Boxes

Mini Creamins
25 mini Addicted Creamins, lay softly on a crispy cookie and covered with dark chocolate and cocoa beans.

Classy Creamins
9 classy Addicted Creamins, lay softly on a crispy cookie and covered with dark chocolate and cocoa nibs.



White sugar, eggs, coffee, caramel puree, white flour, butter, baking powder, salt, dark chocolate, and coffee nibs.

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