1. So, what is a Creamin actually?

Great question!

If we had to define our Creamin in one word, it would be 'cloud'.
A cloud of fresh fruit, a cloud of exotic spices.
Now picture that cloud on top of a crispy biscuit and covered in chocolate and some really amazing toppings.
That's a Creamin!

2. I bought a Creamins box! How do I store it and for how long?
First of all - yay! Lucky you!
We have a strong feeling there won't be much left to store, but in case there is, we recommend :
Up to 2 days in the fridge or up to 2 weeks in the freezer :)
After storage, it's best to let the Creamins come to room temperature and then enjoy!


3. I'm pregnant. Am I allowed?

Allowed. Of course you're allowed!
Our Creamins goes through a process of baking and cooking and are completely safe for pregnant women :)


4. Do the Creamins contain preservatives? Food colors?

Our approach is very simple.
We would never make anything we wouldn't want to eat ourselves!
That's why all our Creamins are based on all natural; high quality fruits, spices and chocolate and don't have any preservatives.
Some of our Creamins have a tiny amount of food coloring, but you can always find a wide variety of Creamins that don't have any food colors :)



5. Are you Kosher?

Yes! All of our products are Kosher and our main Kitchen is under the supervision of the Star D Certification.


1. OK, I just placed my first Creamins order. when will I get it?

Yay! you can be sure we'll do our best to make it sweet and perfect!

All orders submitted and approved until 12 PM will be delivered the next business day. Please note we're kosher and do not work or deliver on Saturdays and Jewish holidays.

2. Do I have to be present to receive the delivery?

All of our products are recommended to be stored in the fridge so we highly recommend to make sure there's someone to welcome our drivers and take care of your new little crimes. we also recommend you choose someone you can trust not to eat all of your Creamins till the time you'll get back home ;) Please note: In case there's no one present by the time we got to your address we will leave the Creamins by the front door or with the care of your doorman. if there's no doorman or no way to get to your door we'll leave your order by the main entrance to the building. in these cases we, obviously, can not take the responsibility the order will wait for you in good condition.