Rocher Caramel
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We are proud to introduce you to the King of the Clouds!

There are creamins that are reminiscent of home smells, some creamins with childhood flavors, and there is one creamins, a very special one, that is unlike anything you knew.

The most decadent creamin we’ve ever made - 

Rocher Caramel!

A delicate caramelized sugar cloud rests on a high biscuit, filled with fine Belgian chocolate ganache, Ferrero Rocha ball in the center, fine milk chocolate and….  Just like a real king deserves - a touch a crispy roasted hazelnut on its head.

This is by far the perfect treat!


Our boxes:


9 Rocher Caramel special Creamins, lay softly on a crispy tartlet filled with Belgian chocolate ganache, a Ferrero Rocher, covered with milk chocolate and hazelnut.



White sugar, eggs, caramel puree, white flour, butter, baking powder, salt, corn syrup, heavy cream, dark chocolate, Ferrero Rocher and hazelnut.


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