Chelsea Cheese
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Forget about all the cheesecake you've ever taste.

It's love from the first bite.

But we warn you, after that, you can't really go back.

Take one last bite of your familiar cheesecake and say hello to the new best thing, our Chelsea Cheese!

We bake the tart shell to an exact level of crispiness, filling it with a baked cheesecake that we learned from talented, generous and heartwarming women, sprinkling over a layer of rich Mascarpone cream topped with a light sour lemon cloud. dip in a thin layer of high-quality white chocolate and sprinkle over a little streusel. 

It's cheesecake, and it's rich cream and it's a cloud of happiness.



Our boxes:

Spacial Creamin:


9 Chelsea Cheese Creamin, lay softly on a crispy tart, filled with rich Mascarpone cream, airy lemon cream, covered with white chocolate and streusel.



White sugar, eggs, fruit puree, white flour, butter, baking powder, salt, mascarpone cheese, heavy cream, sour cream, white chocolate, and lemon zest.


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